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    Healthy Face Meridian

    Health Care Meridian applied traditional TCM concept including Meridian Channels and Acupuncture (Meridian Point) to stimulating the reflex points of the organs on the face, activating qi and blood, dispersing blood stasis and nodules, and metabolizing endotoxins and waste products of the skin, thereby restoring the true color of the skin.
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    Signature Japan Face Lifting (コガオ/コルギ) is a natural non-surgical treatment that help muscles to tense and relax, snapping them back to their original, stronger form, at the same time adjust the bone position, improve lymphatic circulation and reshape the structure of your face, giving you a higher cheekbones or a slimmer face.
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    Korean Lymphatic Gua Sha Detoxification used unique Korea lymphatic drainage technique to remove toxins and impurities from your face, leaving you with a natural dewy skin. The best part: it’s not just a quick-drain-it procedure. It also can achieve a detoxification to clear out bacterial, allergen, free radical and treat acne, Aging and other skin problem.
  • A unique functional gel, with its active ingredients, soothes menopausal symptoms, relaxes the emotions, relaxes muscle tissues and is great nourishment for the body. Indulge in fragrance from only the naturally derived ingredients.Finely textured which can be used singly, or with addition of different essential oils by working as premium base oil with its lubricating and emulsifying properties.


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